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Insolvency law

To Haugaard|Braad, insolvency is not primarily about conducting bankruptcy proceedings, but rather about the avoidance of bankruptcy proceedings. With that in mind, our approach to handling insolvent businesses and agricultural holdings is completely different from traditional insolvency proceedings.

The strength of our insolvency law approach lies in the combination of high professionalism along with business law and commercial prowess with respect to the sale of businesses, the injection of capital and the sale of substantial assets. We have many cases of investment groups investing and purchasing land in connection with conducting turnarounds or reconstruction.

Our role as advisers to banks and other creditors is to secure assets. However, insolvency proceedings are often the least attractive option, and we therefore always recommend investigating the possibility of restructuring or other similar solutions for our clients. But if the only way out is declaring bankruptcy, we have the capacity anytime and anywhere to take control of the assets or declare reconstruction.

Administrators at the Bankruptcy Court in Aalborg
Haugaard|Braad are appointed administrators at the Bankruptcy Court in Aalborg. Anders Braad, partner and attorney is admitted to the Danish High Court became a Certified Insolvency Practitioner in 2014. His certification is renewable every three years and has been renewed ever since.

Certification is awarded for continued and intensive work on, and experience gained from, the successful conducting of reconstruction proceedings before the Bankruptcy Court as an alternative to bankruptcy. Against this background, and backed by a strong team of legal assistants, Haugaard|Braad has successfully restructured a great many businesses in distress by means of a compulsory composition with creditors or a transfer of the business. Anders Braad is often appointed liquidator of undertakings in distress at the recommendation of major banks or businesses. All types of business is relevant – none except.

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