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Construction law

We have extensive expertise in real estate and construction and advise large and medium-sized construction companies and technical consultants in all aspects of construction on a daily basis. We assist our clients in all aspects of construction law, for instance:

  • Drafting of tender documents and common terms and conditions as well as other procurement law issues
  • Negotiation and conclusion of supplier, construction and consultancy contracts
  • Ongoing advisory services provided throughout the construction process and contract interpretation and negotiation with a view to the prevention and timely flagging of potential disputes and liabilities (risk management)
  • Clarification of issues of additional payment and extension of deadlines
  • Inspections and surveys by an appointed expert
  • Completion of registration meeting
  • Dispute resolution in the form of major legal actions and arbitration proceedings as well as mediation

We also have extensive experience in hosting courses in construction law topics, and we regularly hold courses in AB 18 (General Conditions for Building and Construction Works and Supplies), ABT 18 (General Conditions for Design and Build Contracts) and ABR 18 (General Conditions for Consultancy and Construction Works).